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Jerry Valme: Cage Wars Champion & Rising MMA Star in Philly

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From Broad Street Kickboxing to the national stage, Jerry Valme's 2023 has been meteoric: an 11-3 tally, a WKA Glory National title, and a Cage Wars featherweight crown. Valme isn't just rising; he's soaring.

Jerry Valme Conquers Cage Wars: A Year of Dominance for Broad Street Kickboxing's Prodigy

It’s been a whirlwind year for Jerry Valme, and it’s not even over. From making a smashing MMA debut in March to an incredible 8-win streak, Jerry’s 2023 has been nothing short of spectacular.

A Year To Remember

Philadelphia’s Broad Street Kickboxing has had its name echoing in the halls of martial arts glory, and Jerry Valme is a significant part of that melody. Earlier this year, he claimed the WKA Glory National Championship, continuing his rise as a promising talent in the kickboxing and MMA arenas.

An Opportunity Knocks

Jerry’s relentless successes caught the keen eyes of industry insiders, leading to an unexpected offer: a title shot for the coveted USMTA Featherweight championship under the Cage Wars banner. An opportunity that any budding fighter would dream of. Without batting an eye, the team at Broad Street Kickboxing gave an enthusiastic nod, embracing the challenge.

The Journey Upstate

The road to Albany wasn’t short. It took Coach Jake, Jerry, and Coach Victor a 4-hour drive in the trusty Mazda to reach a quaint casino, positioned just 30 minutes outside Albany’s heart. Yet, the remoteness of the location and the daunting opponent ahead couldn’t sway Jerry’s determination.

Up against a former champion and crowd-favorite sporting a formidable 3-2 record, Jerry had his work cut out for him. However, if the last year has taught us anything, it’s that underestimating Jerry Valme can be a grave mistake.

jerry valme mma champion broad street kickboxing
Jerry Valme MMA Champ with UFC's Keith 'No Nonsense' Peterson

A Night Under the Spotlight

Jerry’s entrance wasn’t met with the warmest of receptions. The jeers and boos during the introductions might have unnerved many, but not Jerry. 

What ensued was a showcase of sheer skill and determination. Jerry quickly countered his opponent’s takedown, and in a matter of moments, ended the contest with a beautifully executed Rear Naked Choke. A move that sent a clear message: Jerry is not here to play.

The Road Ahead

Jerry’s current tally stands impressively at 11-3. With both a National Kickboxing and Amateur MMA title now adorning his resume, the sky’s the limit. As Broad Street Kickboxing celebrates yet another milestone, Jerry Valme is gearing up for even bigger challenges and greater glories.

And as for the world of martial arts? It’s been put on notice, with Philadelphia’s own Jerry Valme leading the charge.

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jerry valme cage wars MMA champion 2023 philly broad street kickboxing


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