Broad Street Kickboxing WKA National Champions 2023
In a stellar showcase of talent and determination, Philadelphia's Broad Street Kickboxing emerged as a powerhouse at this year's World Kickboxing Association (WKA) National Championships with 2 Gold Medals.

Jerry Valme: From Breakdancing Floors to Kickboxing Glory

Leading Broad Street’s roster was the dynamic Jerry Valme, flexing his skills in the 145-pound weight class. But Jerry’s expertise doesn’t just lie within the ropes of the kickboxing ring. As a nationally recognized breakdancer and a Black Belt in Shotokan Karate, he blends the rhythm of the dance floor with the discipline of martial arts. And as an up-and-coming amateur MMA fighter, Jerry’s athletic spectrum continues to expand. 

Jerry Valme Broad Street Kickboxing WKA National Novice Champion 2023
Jerry Valme of Broad Street Kickboxing Wins WKA National Novice Champion 2023

The most noteworthy feather in his cap? Winning an astonishing five matches over two days, earning him the coveted title of 2023 WKA Glory Rules Novice National Champion and propelling his record to an impressive 10-3.

Debutantes Shine on the National Stage

Jaylah Shannon Broad Street Kickboxing WKA National Champion 2023
Jaylah Shannon Broad Street Kickboxing WKA National Champion 2023

The championships were also a stage for incredible debuts. Jaylah Shannon took the world by storm, clinching two victories in just a day. Her triumph secured the title of 2023 Glory Rules Novice National Champion—a fairy-tale start to her kickboxing journey.

Ben Thieberger, with his skillful technique, outclassed an unorthodox opponent. Despite an injury sidelining him post-victory, the kickboxing community is already buzzing about his anticipated return this fall.

And then there’s Fidel Raposo. Although up against a towering adversary in a Muay Thai duel, Raposo‘s spirit and determination painted the true picture of a warrior’s heart.

Coach Jake: The Stylish Maestro Behind the Success

Behind these rising stars stands the ever-stylish and slightly legendary, Coach Jake Skelly. A WKA Nationals champ himself over a decade ago, he now rocks the mentorship role with a blend of old-school wisdom and new-school swag. Always ensuring Broad Street Kickboxing remains a harmonious blend of hard work, fun, and impeccable fashion.

Philadelphia Kickboxing: The New Mecca

broad street kickboxing

Broad Street Kickboxing‘s recent triumphs amplify Philadelphia’s status as an emerging Kickboxing & Muay Thai hotspot. Their achievements at the WKA National Championships are not just a testament to individual talents but an ode to a city rising in the martial arts domain.

Kudos to every punch, kick, and strategy laid out by Broad Street Kickboxing and all of the supporting talents both in and out of the ring. The heart of Philadelphia beats strongly within this team, and their journey is just beginning.

Expanding Across Philly

Located proudly at 1168 S. Broad St., Broad Street Kickboxing, in partnership with Osagame BJJ, has been the heartbeat of Philadelphia’s martial arts scene.

Now, in a testament to their growing reputation and commitment to the community, they are set to open a second location by 10th and Spring Garden St., conveniently located just off the Broad Street line on the other side of City Hall.

As Philadelphia celebrates the prowess and achievements of its homegrown talent, the world of kickboxing has been put on notice. Broad Street Kickboxing isn’t just here to compete; they’re here to dominate.